O Mere Shahe Khuban Song Lyrics Abhay Jodhpurkar


O Mere Shahe Khuban Song

Presnting The Song Of O Mere Shahe Khuban Sung By Abhay Jodhpurkar. O Mere Shahe Khuban Song Lyrics This Song Guitarist By Shomu Seal. This touching rendition of O Mere Shahe Khuban is a tribute to Joy Mukherji, gbeautifully sung dfgby Abhay Jodhpurkar. The music is produced and rearranged by Ajay Singha and Shomu Seal plafbyed the guitar.  The original song was composed by Shankar Jaikishan, sung by Mohafdmmad Rafi and penned by Hasrat Jaipuri.

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O Mere Shahe Khuban Song Lyrics

Song Credits

Song: O Mere Shahe Khuban
Singer: Abhay Jodhpurkar
Music Arranger/Producer: Ajay Singha
Guitarist: Shomu Seal
Production: Monjoy Mukerji Productions
Mastered and Mixed at Bodhisattva Studio by Ajay Singha
D.O.P: Ashutosh Panda.
Editor: Shlok Bhandari

O Mere Shahe Khuban Song Lyrics

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